Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the mean of communication between your business and your customers. We use the modern digital techniques to increase attendance of your business and display your services and products through different online platforms.

Web Development

Website Development is to develop a website for internet or intra-net. It ranges from creating a single static page or complex website based on internet applications or web applications for electronic businesses and social network services.

Creative Writing

A website content writer is specialized in providing relevant unique content for websites and publishes distinctive articles on the website to attract more flow traffic. The objective of article writing is to bring matter in light, provide information about the topic.


Our services are not restricted to a specific country or region but in fact we provide our services all over the world. We are providing our premium services for the past few decades and mostly our customers are from United Kingdom, USA and Pakistan.


What we are toady is just because of our loyal customers. We provide best services to our customers and achieve the immense results. We intelligently achieve the targeted results by just putting little effort because “Superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn unless it achieves results”. We always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.


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planning & strategy

Every project with the prior planning and strategy gives the best results. We plan and strategize the project according to the requirements so that you get the ultimate results.

design & develop

After planning, our group of designers and developers start working on the assigned project, they proceed step by step according to the planned strategy.

test & deliver

After completing the development stage, our best analysts analyze the final product so that there won’t be any flaw. After it gets approved by the analysts, we deliver it to our customers.


To meet the demands of world class quality, we continue to work with exceptional group of professionals. Ali Mughal is known for his SEO skills, social media marketing, PPC marketing and Email marketing. He is the one working with us for more than 5 years.

Ali Mughal

Digital Marketing Manager
Management and creation of content is done by Farhana. She has been integral part of the firm from more than last 4 years working hard to produce optimized content and blogs contributing in the greater success of the company.


Content Writer

Shoaib Butt

Website Developer and Designer
Shoaib Butt has been a significant figure for the company from last 3 years receiving high industry rewards with his expertise in web designing and development. Skilled in Scala, JavaScript, React, Linux and Network Security.


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Online Digital Marketing Agency

In this world of crazy technologies, where things changes in the blink of an eye, where you can change your world by buying and selling products and services with one click in couple of seconds through Digital marketing.

In Digital marketing one can utilize his marketing skills using the Internet, the strongest medium of the century, to buy and sell products and services. Digital marketing has transformed drastically since 1990’s till date. We are watching digital platforms incorporating into marketing plans and day to day life. As people are preferring digital tools rather than visiting physical shops so are the digital marketing companies are becoming vibrant and prevailing in society efficiently. 

In the Era where everyone is in competition and every other company is trying to surpass. Voice Tech is Digital marketing company which let you lead in the market through our various tools:

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) is a method used to increase the visibility over search engines of websites and web pages. Optimizing means to add, edit, and modify its content to increase its relevance to some specific keywords. Another SEO tactic used in the regard to promote a website is to increase its backlinks. Search engine optimization is performed to receive more visitors from search engines to get higher ranks in Search Engine Result Page so that those visitors could be converted into customers.

In other words, all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo shows web pages, videos and other content as primary result related to key words based on ranking which search engines considers most relevant for users. In this whole process, payment is not involved as it is done through paid search ads.

Social Media Marketing: To promote products and services using Social Media platforms means social media marketing. Social media marketing is becoming popular day by day as people are becoming more active on social media. There are different analytical built in tools in most of the social media platforms which enable companies to keep track of their engagement with the customers, their progress in the market and their success. Social media marketing let companies address their potential customers either buyers or sellers and other stakeholders through social media platforms and websites or web pages.

Mainly companies employ social media marketing as tool of communication to make companies accessible for interested viewers in their services and products. As compared to traditional ways i.e. print, TV/radio for advertisement- which are more costly companies are now using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram to catch and engage more audience. 

Three basic steps are taken into consideration in order to succeed in the race of digital marketing:

• Addressing consumer’s concerns

• Identifying the extent of social chatter

• To take in account influencers for help and develop relative responses.

Pay per click is an advertising model used on internet to attract traffic towards website. When an ad is clicked, advertisers pays to the one who publishes his ads, which could be a search engine, website owner or a network of websites.

Pay per click is basically associated with primary or first tier of search engines which typically includes Google ads, Bing ads, and Yahoo ads. Advertisers basically bids on specific key words related to their target market with the search engines where as in content sites commonly charge fixed amount or price per click instead of the bidding system. Pay per click use banner ads advertisement technique. These banners appear on websites related to agree upon ads to show.  Some of the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have also adopted Pay per click advertising model in order to drive traffic towards them. 

Pay per click is basically used to assess the cost efficiency and profitability of internet marketing. Here clicks are used to measure the interest and attention of the users to convert them into customers.

Website Development is to develop a website for internet or intra-net. It ranges from creating a single static page or complex website based on internet applications or web applications for electronic businesses and social network services. Web development is also known as web engineering, web content development, website designing, client liaison, client and server scripting and network security configuration and even E-commerce development. It also includes non-design aspect for building a website such as to write mark-up and coding. Usually large organizations or businesses have web development teams consisting of hundreds of people called web developers to follow standard methodologies. While smaller organizations may require contracting web developers or a single permanent web developer. Web development could be done through collaborative work among departments of organizations. There are three categories of web development:

1. Front-End Developer

2. Back-End Developer

3. Full-stack Developer

Web development has been a growing industry since the commercialization of web. Business wishes are driving this industry to use website for advertisement to dell products and services to the customers. 

Content Writing and Article Writing: Websites have specific targeted audience to address upon the relevant content or to attract business. A website content writer is specialised in providing relevant content for websites. That content should contain relative key words aimed to improve website’s SEO. Mostly the website content writing is centred on marketing products and services. Some of the websites are also only informational and do not sell any product or services. These websites are often news sites or blogs to educate the readers with the complex information that is easy to understand. 

Quality Content generates higher revenues for online businesses and demand for skilled web content writers is increasing drastically. Content can be written in different ways or forms for different purposes. Various techniques and methodologies could be used to format a best relevant content for the article. Most common forms include:

1. Blogging

2. Article writing

3. News letters

4. Promotional mails

5. Flyers

6. E-books

7. White Papers

8. Proof Reading

9. Brochures

10. Editing

11. Presentation 

Content of the work varies based on product or services it is used for.


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