SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

In this modern era, everyone has at least one mobile phone. This made the digital marketing more effective and more useful. SMS Marketing has grown the roots and playing vital role in digital marketing and it is also replacing Email marketing. SMS marketing has proven to be the most beneficial marketing strategy for every Business, Organization or NGO irrespective of its origin. People have mobile almost 24/7 and they respond to any call or SMS immediately. The well-known researchers of USA revealed that more than 95% of the people open their Messages within 2.5 Minutes.

We use different techniques for the SMS Marketing and offers Branded and No-Branded SMS services. This service aimed for the better customer relationship. If you want to spread the message to crowd in a professional way that can bring more business and conveys what you want to deliver. Voice Tech helps you in this regard with professional way. We have the team who are experienced in branded SMS Marketing and we provide the services to brands and also and also Non-Branded SMS Marketing for the organizations having number of reputable clients.

Purpose of Sending Branded SMS:

Branded messages are considered to be the best SMS for Marketing to increase the trust on content and what you want to say to the people. In branded SMS we put your organization name, Business product or any other name which you want to write or suits the best for your promotion. This approach will increase the trust level of people and thus people respond with better approach and more likely do some business transactions.

Branded SMS for Business Industries / Education Sector:

SMS Marketing or branded SMS are beneficial for almost all sector including online business, Educational, Real Estate, IT Firms, Retailers, Hospitals, Hardware Manufacturers, Wholesaler, Institutes etc. Branded SMS shows better response from targeted audience regardless of the fact that you are public limited company or partnership business.

Non-Branded SMS

We will send your messages to your clients to promote your business or we will send marketing SMS with our Potential and 100% accurate mobile number database. Non-Branded SMS are also known as the long code. A long code is an alternative to using your personal mobile number which allows you to send and receive messages. This method allows you the quickest and cheapest dedicated number solution.

Messages to a long code are commonly treated as a simple SMS for the end user, making them widely used in different mobile messaging campaigns. It enables a business to receive SMS test messages and voice from anywhere in the globe. Unlike the short codes, which are usually shared across different brands, long codes allow you to have their own personal phone number to receive and send SMS text messages.

To get the best digital marketing in the market, sign up with us. We are the best in what we offer and we have the experienced professionals. Voice tech give the first priority to their customers and support them in every possible way.